Call for Partners


I’ve started a project with some friends, and need someone to come help get this to launch (with some added partners/team members).

The Background

I’ve done a lot of promotion work for a few female friends of mine, and after getting into the NFT space (and evangelizing, as one does) I was asked about helping some of them put together a website to teach people about crypto.

I then talked to a friend of mine who was a former investor in a previous start-up, and he was willing to put up some money to get things started (so far we’ve spent $16k of $30k total, with the rest intended for Twitter/Instagram/Tiktok ad spends).

Now, as a programmer, I typically work along-side a creative director (aka CD). I didn’t have anyone in mind, but someone was recommended to me as a potential partner. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I put my head down to focus on developing smart contracts, and connected him with the women that I knew that were partners in this venture.

The core idea was, we were going to have models on camera, talking about crypto and security and scams and investments. Basic information, onboarding people who keep hearing about it but don’t know where to start. They wanted to make it sexy, to make as big a splash as possible (with the general public).

I wrote a series of scripts which were then edited, a photo and video shoot took place, and I was working on building the website and other dev activities.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the CD (for a number of reasons). I had reports about the girls not wanting to work with him, as well as a few other things that went on. So we made the choice to part ways. (Of the original partners, the only ones who are left are Angela Ryan, Chapel Waste, and Lily.)

I can’t use the original brand or design-work, because he was involved in them, so I’ve created a new brand – Girls of Coin. I’ve got the main video, which I’m not comfortable using or releasing right now – it either needs to be heavily edited, or we need to reshoot everything. If I sign on new partners, I’m willing to go back and ask for additional money for this.

I also think a big problem with this whole concept was that it was not female-led. I don’t mind being the developer and supporting what is done, and I’m responsible for the original investment, but otherwise I think this should be managed and run by a team that has the understanding of the proper way to communicate and share and market this content. The whole “sexy girls talking about crypto” went in a tacky, porny direction and although the girls were okay with the majority of it, it’s not something I want to be a part of.

So I’m asking if you (or anyone you know and trust) would like to join this team.

The Team

What I think this team needs:

Producer – someone who is going to project manager and organize things like ad buys, content drops, and episode creation and launch.

Video Editor – someone who can take the video that was shot and do something amazing with it.

Twitter Expert – someone who can take on management of the twitter account, following or creating content based on the calendar I started.

Tiktok Expert – someone who can post and manage and direct content appropriate to the channel.

Please let me know what you think – I would love any and all advice, and hope my plea will help resurrect this project and get it back on track!

Here’s who we have on the team:

Angela Ryan – the wrangler. Angela and I have worked together for years, and I’ve supported her website and she’s helped me out on many personal projects of mine. She knows everyone in the modeling industry, and found the photographer, makeup artist, and has recruited other girls to the cause.

Lily – one of our models. Lily has REALLY gotten into crypto, and she is applying what she is learning. She’s also a flight attendant, which makes it easy to hop on a plane whenever needed.

Chapel Waste – another of our models. I’ve known Chapel for 15 years and she’s also helped me a number of times on personal projects. An avid gamer, she was going to talk about how NFTs and gaming integrate.

The Investor – Brian Pio is a friend of mine, but he is currently focused on selling his current company:

My Credentials

I’ve been in the NFT crypto space for a long time…since March of last year. I’ve been supporting other people on their projects off and on, mostly to learn and figure out what I was doing. I’m a former web and iOS developer, and I’ve led or worked on projects for Pizza Hut (the first iPad app), Taco Bell, Experian, Teleflora, NIXON, and GoPro. If you want to double-check me, my LinkedIn profile is here ( ).

For NFTs, I’ve worked on MNMLS ( ) – successfully selling out 888 NFTs, and I am working on/still supporting Babies on the Block ( ), Rugimals ( ), and GM Supply Co ( ).

(I’m known in this space as Vioba, because of a game concept I was developing for the Apple Glasses prior to getting into blockchain dev.)

I’ve also written these articles:

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!
@jeffreality @orbofvioba